This website is dedicated to reflections, adaptations, and other productive activities during the COVID-19 pandemic (2019 to 20??).

The unprecedented worldwide spread of the coronavirus known as SARS-COV2 causing the COVID-19 disease changed the way of life of citizens all over the world. No one is immune to the disease as it is “new,” meaning, its nature is not well understood. Pending the discovery of an effective vaccine to stop the spread of the disease, governments subjected many affected communities into quarantine as the apparent “bitter pill” to swallow. At the same time, scientists scramble to find a remedy.

While on quarantine, one can still be productive. Instinctively, people have to find ways to adapt to the restricted space of their homes. Lucky are those who have enough space and resources to do some productive endeavors while the invisible threat is at large.

The Reason for the Website’s Creation

As one of those who have internet access and a netizen who shares his mind online, I created this website to document my reflections, adaptations, and productive activities like gardening while on quarantine. I need to ensure that food is on the table before I do other things. Hence, a section is devoted to my journey in the unfamiliar world of constrained space agriculture or urban gardening.

As a professor, I created a section to continue mentoring my students in the graduate school. I came up with a system called “blended website learning.” As there is no other choice but to go online to learn during the pandemic, students must easily access the materials they need to learn.

How Blended Website Learning Works

I combined the features of a fast website (this one), Zoom, and MOODLE (http://psugs.org/moodle). Covid19time is for housing the asynchronous Instructional Materials I prepared, Zoom for synchronous meetings to clarify students’ issues, and Moodle for quizzes and examinations only as its useful feature.

I designed and keep on tweaking this website to load fast as much as possible to help students save on internet time. I employed image, CSS, and JS caching; Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques; used a super fast, multipurpose WordPress theme (Neve); and a Content Delivery Network (CDN) that takes care of large files like pictures, videos, and similar files.


Whatever I write here will serve as a reminder of how this pandemic affected my way of life, my challenges as well as opportunities. It’s also a demonstration of how I used digital technology to make a positive impact to people’s lives while there is a pandemic and beyond.

I do hope that visitors will find some useful ideas to help them tide the sudden change in lifestyle that this pandemic imposed on everyone’s lives.


“Survival not only of the fittest but of the resilient and adaptive.”